Welcome to "Kim Marie Natural Creations"

Like many, I have taken this time to explore my
passions and am now honored to share them with you. 

I have always loved cold process soaps and now 
enjoy making them even more!  The variety of
aromas, colors, shapes and designs come 
together in unique offerings from Lemon and Sugar
Scrubs to Cinnamon Candy; from Eucalyptus with
Hemp Oil to Desert Breeze.

My Haunted Mansion soap was the first
scented and multi-colored soap 
batch I
crafted.  Fragranced with Pink Peonies;
lovely floral scents 
fill the room as you use it.

Please stroll through the different soaps I offer.  Check back often since I'm always coming up with new recipes and fragrances.

New arrival - - - Bath Bombs!  We all deserve a little luxury in our lives, and bath bombs are nothing short of perfection when it come to a peaceful and revitalizing bath experience.

As always...all of my products are cruelty free.

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Our All Natural Products